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Set your students up for success.

Early Learning Success for New York’s Youngest Learners 

Like a tugboat in New York harbor, effective PreK instruction has the power to pull all children to a limitless horizon of literacy. NYC Reads and The Creative Curriculum are two promising examples of evidence-based initiatives. But what does this look like in PreK?  

Readiness & Writing serves as a compass, guiding young learners through a voyage of academic readiness. This program offers active, joyful engagements in grip, pre-writing, and social-emotional skills. From their first scribble to the confident tracing of letters and numbers, Readiness & Writing ensures every child is prepared for kindergarten and beyond.


Additional Solutions

From K-readiness to fluent reading and keyboarding, students in Pre-K–5 use these programs to build foundational literacy skills. 

Handwriting Without Tears®

Designed to be Simple, Intuitive, and Effective 

Come explore how our programs can support student success in New York with instruction that embraces the science of reading and of handwriting. 

Phonics, Reading, and Me™

Phonics Support that Fits

Unlock the power of reading with phonics instruction tailored to meet individual student needs.

Keyboarding Without Tears ®

Building Foundations for Digital Success

Get your K–5 students motivated to learn the crucial skill of keyboarding through fun, game-based activities. Plus, Assessment Accelerator helps students in Grades 3−5 reinforce online test-taking skills.



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