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Encoding and Decoding Our Way to Beautiful Sentences with Leah Mermelstein, M.Ed.

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In this Episode:

Leah Mermelstein, literacy expert and author, explores the vital roles of encoding and decoding in our latest episode. She discusses the impact of phonics in classrooms and the importance of effective literacy instruction. Advocating for integrated reading and writing strategies, Mermelstein offers insights to enhance teaching and empower students. Don’t miss her practical tips for improving literacy education. Watch Now!

Explore effective encoding and decoding strategies in Leah Mermelstein's latest blog. Connect with her on her websiteFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

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Thought Leader: Leah Mermelstein, M.Ed. image

Thought Leader: Leah Mermelstein, M.Ed.

Leah Mermelstein is a literacy thought leader, published author, and writing, reading, and language development authority. For the past 25 years, she has provided professional development for teachers, nationally and internationally, translating literacy research and data into successful and impactful classroom applications. She has authored five instructional literacy books focused on deconstructing the reading and writing process and how to leverage reading to support writing and writing to support reading.

Get to Know the Host: Dr. Cheryl Lundy Swift image

Get to Know the Host: Dr. Cheryl Lundy Swift

Cheryl holds a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, is a distinguished educational leader, and has been recognized with multiple awards for her achievements. She served as the lead curriculum developer for Learning Without Tears' Get Set for School Language and Literacy curriculum, which received an AEP Distinguished Achievement Award, and was awarded the Investors Bank Educator of the Year Award.

Download 3 Easy Tweaks for Elegant Writing Instruction by Leah Mermelstein

Download 3 Easy Tweaks for Elegant Writing Instruction by Leah Mermelstein

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