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Trans-K and Kindergarten Writing Curriculum

The Handwriting Without Tears® kindergarten and transitional-kindergarten programs incorporate hands-on activities and multisensory teaching strategies that build good handwriting habits early.

Your teaching will engage students, with music, movement, fine motor activities, and child friendly language. 

This program fits easily into your daily kindergarten routine in only 15 minutes a day. 

Our student editions, Letters and Numbers for Me and Kick Start Kindergarten, are loaded with capital, lowercase, word, sentence and number practice while building good habits with grip and letter formation from the start.. Teacher planning is easy with pre-made lesson plans and digital options that make teaching simple, even if you've never taught handwriting before.

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Letters and Numbers for Me Download
Samples of our Kindergarten Handwriting Student Edition
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Activity Download for Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters
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Kindergarten Worksheets
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About Kick Start Kindergarten
Kick Start Kindergarten bridges pre-K and kindergarten
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Kick Start Kindergarten Samples
Try a Sample of our Transitional-K Curriculum
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