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Click Away: 2008 Editions Resources

Enliven your classroom and help your students master handwriting with ease. Browse through our continually expanding collection of downloads by grade level. You'll find plenty of activities and ideas for exciting lessons—everything from warm-up exercises, to readiness, to printing, to cursive. These activities are great supplements for your teacher's guide.


We're always adding to our resources, so be sure to check back with us frequently.



Pencil pick-ups, music exercises, word and sentence skill downloads, and other activities inspire with active learning opportunities.


1st Grade

Children play letter and word games with Wet-Dry-Try, check their writing, and practice word and sentence skills. 


2nd Grade

Music, poems, and other language arts activities help children master printing and transition to cursive.


3rd Grade

Mystery Letter Games, practice poems, Voices, and other interactive activities help children learn cursive quickly and easily.


4th Grade

Mystery Word Games, poems, the Connection Inspection activity, and other multisensory downloads help children improve their cursive skills and writing speed.


5th Grade

Poems, Wet-Dry-Try activities, and other active exercises help students review and master printing and cursive skills.


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