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Click Away: 4th Grade 2008 Edition

4th Grade 2008 Resources

    Page    Cursive Success Student Edition & Teacher’s Guide Downloads

    31         Mystery Word Game (PDF)
    55         Teach Pencil Grip with Cursive Warm-Ups (PDF)
    61         Mystery Letter Game (PDF)
    103       Check Your Teaching - cursive (PDF)
    131       Check Your Teaching - cursive (PDF)
    133       Check My Grip (PDF)
    134       The Eraser Challenge (PDF)
    137       Handwriting Report Cards (PDF)


    Other Teaching Tools & Activities

    Use It or Lose It (PDF)
    Voices (PDF)
    Connection Inspection (PDF)
    Practice Poems (Narrow Double Lines) (PDF)
    4th Grade Welcome Letter  (PDF)

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