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The RIGHT Practice Makes Perfect

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Instead of focusing on keyboarding drills, let’s make sure we first start with developing the necessary keyboarding skills. Research suggests that fine motor development at school entry is...Continue reading


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Happy Women’s History Month

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Beginning in March of 1981 with Women’s History Week and in correspondence with International Women’s Day on March 8, Women’s History Month is an exciting, monthlong celebration that is celebrated...Continue reading


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Ding! Beep! Someone is trying to reach you!

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Maybe it’s a new email from your principal, maybe a parent is getting in touch through your school app to schedule a conference, or maybe it’s that darn group chat about brunch and you are already...Continue reading


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Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Digital Learning Day is Tomorrow

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Tomorrow’s Digital Learning Day! Fear not if this big day has snuck up on you. We have everything you need for your...Continue reading


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