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Happy Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

Teddy Bear Picnic blog

Wait, what holiday are we celebrating? Yes, we know it sounds silly, but we’re celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day. So, what is Teddy Bear Picnic Day exactly? Teddy Bear Picnic Day is a special day...Continue reading


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Head Back to School as a Winner

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The Fourth of July has passed, and we sincerely hope your belly is full of all the best summer barbeque food groups (corn on the cob, processed meat, and the obligatory American Flag Cool Whip...Continue reading


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Are Your Pre-K Students Ready for Lowercase Letters?

PreK lowercase blog

The Pre-K classroom on the first day of school is quite a place to behold! All these little ones—some well-versed at saying bye to their families, some crying nonstop, some knowing their shapes,...Continue reading


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Special Announcement: Explore Our NEW! Virtual PD Hub

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Our NEW Virtual PD Hub is landing on our website on July 31 when we’ll be ready to deliver top strategies, one-on-one coaching, and tips and tricks from our experts right to your home or office....Continue reading


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