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Digital Citizenship Week: Nurturing Positive Habits

October 6, 2023

by: LWT Staff

4 mins


In an era where the digital realm has seamlessly intertwined with our day-to-day lives, the need for responsible and respectful online behavior has never been more crucial. In recognition of this, we’re coming together to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week—an extraordinary time dedicated to instilling in our learners the values of good digital citizenship. 

As our children take their first steps into the world of friendship, kindness, and internet safety within their classrooms, it's equally important that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be respectful participants in the vast landscape of the internet. Our screens, whether they be on computers, tablets, or smartphones, have become convenient windows to an interconnected world where interactions transcend physical boundaries and distances. 

Digital Citizenship Week marks the beginning of a journey to ensure that our children navigate these digital pathways with wisdom, compassion, and integrity. It's a time to empower them with the tools they need to become responsible and respectful digital citizens.

The Importance of Digital Citizenship Today 

We understand the need to teach students values like courtesy, empathy, and respect in both physical and digital interactions. Digital Citizenship Week and the Common Sense Curriculum emphasizes that actions online have real-world consequences and reinforces the idea that online spaces are inhabited by real people. 

This week underscores the importance of privacy, security, and critical thinking in today’s age. Students learn to protect their digital footprint and develop skills to distinguish credible sources from unreliable ones. They also become aware of their online footprint and the long-term impact of their online actions, ensuring a safe and constructive online environment for all. 

Common Sense Education

Students using Keyboarding Without Tears will not only enhance their keyboarding skills but also develop responsible digital citizenship. We've partnered with the award-winning digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Education, available in both English and Spanish.  

With on-demand access, educators can easily share these lessons with students, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world responsibly.

You can access these essential digital lessons in Keyboarding Without Tears®. Check out the curriculum here

In the spirit of Digital Citizenship Week, we're excited to share a special offer. Thanks to the dedication of educators like you, we're offering a 15% discount* on single licenses for Keyboarding Without Tears during the week of October 16-20. With this promotion, the cost for a single license comes down to just $9.35.  Use code DCW2023 at checkout. 

Codie Award 

Keyboarding Without Tears is the recipient of the prestigious CODiE Award. In May 2020, we received the CODiE award for *Best Instructional Solution in non-core areas*. It's worth noting that Keyboarding Without Tears was the FIRST keyboarding program to earn this esteemed award back in 2015. 

So, as we wrap up our journey through digital citizenship, remember that it's all about becoming responsible and respectful internet users. It's kind of like how we follow rules in our classroom and on the playground to keep things running smoothly. Similarly, we follow rules on the internet to create a happy and safe online space for everyone. 

By practicing good digital citizenship, we not only protect ourselves but also show kindness and consideration to others in the digital world. So, let's keep being awesome digital citizens and make the internet a better place for everyone to enjoy, learn, and connect! 



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