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Teaching Tips

Winter Break Activities

December 11, 2017

by: LWT staff

2 minutes

The countdown to winter break is here! Whether you’re an educator who wants to send your students home with engaging activities or a parent searching for ways to keep your child occupied with fun, educational activities, we’ve put together the perfect list of fun winter break ideas to stave off cabin fever. Take a page from our book and keep your children actively engaged with these ways to have fun over winter break while learning.

Dance It Out

Snowed in? Our music albums are available on iTunes and are the perfect way to prevent kids from going stir crazy over winter break! Kids will learn letters and how to count while dancing out their pent up energy. When they come inside shivering from building snowmen all day, put on our Rock, Rap & Tap album while the hot cocoa is brewing and get them moving to warm up!

Decorate Cookies

Making holiday cookies? Use that sugar cookie dough to form letters. Mixing batter, rolling dough, and pinching sprinkles promote the same fine motor skills that are needed for strong handwriting skills. Have children form letters with dough to spell out their name or holiday-themed words like “JOY.” If simple round cookies are easier, use chocolate chips, sprinkles, or icing to practice writing letters on top of the cookie. The best part is that it’s an instant reward for hard work!

There’s an App for That!

Technology can be a useful, interactive tool for learning letter and number formations in a relaxed setting. When your child needs some quiet downtime, use our Wet-Dry-Try app when it gets too cold to be outside. Try our hands-on Wet-Dry-Try activity using our Slate Chalkboard for a more tactile approach to our digital activity.

Get into Character

Whether you use puppets, dolls, or masks, bringing a character to life through play makes learning more engaging. Children will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they are learning foundation readiness and handwriting skills. Keeping learning play-based ensures that children are always having fun while processing new information. Explore Mat Man World to find out how you can use our loveable character to keep children engaged with learning letter and number formations, counting, and building.

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