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Ribbit, Ribbit: Happy National Frog Jumping Day

frog jump day

Happy National Frog Jumping Day! Out of all the holidays we celebrate at Learning Without Tears, National Frog Jumping Day is definitely in the top 10 of our favorite things—just like our Top 10 Frog Jump Downloads.

So, why is National Frog Jumping Day so special to us? It’s because of our unique teaching order! We teach capital letters first in a developmental order using gray blocks because it’s easiest for children to understand. We start with our Frog Jump Capitals group, which includes F, E, D, P, B, R, N, and M. Children build these letters starting in the top left corner of one of our gray blocks with a Big Line on the left and then after a quick “frog jump,” children form the rest of the letter on the right side. This developmental teaching order promotes correct orientation and prevents reversals. Plus, it’s a child friendly and fun experience for little learners!

We think that National Frog Jumping Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate our Frog Jump Letters—and all of our letter groups! Check out our Frog Jump Capitals video and don’t forget to explore all our letter stories [student stories page link TBD] too!

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