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Productive Pre-K & Kindergarten Summers with Mat Man

June 4, 2018

by: LWT staff

2 minutes

Summer is right around the corner and school is almost out. But, that’s not the best part! What’s even greater is that the learning does not have to stop.  

You can fit learning into your summer fun in a way that young students are sure to enjoy. That is, with the help of our friend Mat Man.

Mat Man® is a Pre-K and kindergarten classroom character designed to help young children develop foundation skills including body awareness, counting, socialization, drawing, and even pre-writing. These are skills that every early educator aims to instill in their students.

Mat Man is dynamic in more ways than one. Not only can he be used to teach your students a variety of important foundation skills, but those skills can be taught in a variety of ways.  You can stretch your students’ imagination by asking them to draw Mat Man in different settings. Students can sing the Mat Man song, which rhythmically explains the parts of his body and their functions. Early learners can even work together to build Mat Man.

The beginning of summer does not have to mean the end of Mat Man and all he has to offer you and your students. Mat Man is mobile! He can be implemented in the classroom, at home, and during summer camp. Bring Mat Man along with you this summer as you explore and venture out to help your young students do the same academically and creatively. 

And when you do, share your pictures with us on social media using the hashtag #WhereisMatMan to be featured on one of our social channels and win a special prize!

Check out the Mat Man Infographic to learn more about how Mat Man can help foster intellectual and social-emotional development in your Pre-k and kindergarten students. Visit Mat Man World for free downloads, the Build Mat Man Game, and Mat Man classroom resources.

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