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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation

Before the school year officially ends, we’re so excited to show our appreciation for teachers and educators during Teacher Appreciation Week from May 6–10! With the school year slowing down and summer vacation approaching, Teacher Appreciation Week is a special time to show appreciation to educators, celebrate a year’s worth of hard work, and thank teachers for everything they do to help children succeed.

After a busy school year, you’re probably ready to kick up your feet on the beach or float on that unicorn raft in the pool, but you might also be reflecting on the past school year and ruminating over what kind of teacher you want to be next year.

That’s why we created our fun What Type of Pre-K Teacher Are You Quiz?  Whether you answer the questions saying that you can’t survive the day without coffee or that you enjoy outdoor activities with your students, our quiz is a surefire way to have a little end-of-the-year fun and find out exactly what type of teacher you are! You can also get a head start on stocking up for next year with special products to make next year a breeze!

Plus, don’t forget to check out all our exciting Teacher Appreciation Week activities and promos here.



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