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Teaching Tips

Fall for Hands-On Activities

October 3, 2019

by: LWT staff

2 mins


As the days become crisper and shorter and the leaves change colors, your classroom is abuzz with students building a foundation for writing success. But, as the beginning-of-the-year excitement fades, you may find that you need engaging activities to bring learning to life and keep up the first-day-of-school momentum. Check out our top three hands-on activities for fall!

1. Make Autumn Musical

When students get antsy and have trouble focusing, put on some music to let off steam, reenergize their learning, and refocus them. With three different music albums featuring lively tunes that facilitate readiness and letter learning, the Get Set for School and Handwriting Without Tears songs are a great way to make your lessons musical this autumn.

2. Rake Up Letter Learning with Roll–A–Dough Letters®

Using play dough, your students can practice capital letter and number formation in a fun, multisensory way. The hands-on Roll–A–Dough activities engage different learning styles and develop fine motor skills. Have your children roll snakes of dough into Big Lines or Big Curves for letter formation practice. That Big Line can become a P! The Big Curve makes part of D

3. Go Wild with the Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters

Our Wood Piece Play activities with the Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters is something for your students to go over wild over. Whether you’re polishing, sorting, and trading Wood Pieces, or practicing positions and body parts, Wood Pieces help build foundation skills through tactile learning.

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