Keyboarding Without Tears Texas Correlations

 Keyboarding Without Tears Texas Correlations

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Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Correlations

The Keyboarding Without Tears curriculum aligns with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Technology Applications.

 As a technology application, Keyboarding Without Tears  addresses each subject area throughout the course of overall instruction.

Each lesson and activity corresponds to the specific knowledge and skills for each grade level.



ISTE Seal of Alignment Report

Keyboarding Without Tears was found to address the ISTE Standards for Students in the following ways:

Foundational – Resources and activities aligned at the Foundational level primarily focus on skills and knowledge that facilitate skill acquisition to eventually meet ISTE Standard indicators.

Keyboarding Without Tears badges were found to address the following standards and indicators of the ISTE Standards for Educators at the Foundational Level:


  • 1.d.
  • 2.a.
  • 2.b.
  • 2.c.
  • 2.d.
  • 3.a.