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We're excited to be approved in Utah!

The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum is approved by the Utah State Board of Education from July 1, 2013-June 30, 2018 as a Recommended Limited Teacher Resource and the Keyboarding Without Tears curriculum is approved by the Utah State Board of Education from July 1, 2016-June 30, 2021 as a Recommended Teacher Resource for Grades K–2 and as Recommended Primary Instruction Materials for Grades 3–5.


Contact Your Sales Rep

For approval information, pricing, or sample requests, contact your sales representative, Kaela Smith, Territory Manager, at 402.682.3400 or kaela.smith@lwtears.com.




Free Resources

We have a wide variety of free resources to enhance teaching and support student success. 


Screener of Handwriting Proficiency

Free, online student and whole class handwriting assessment

Classroom Downloads

PDFs to download and share with families and educators

A+ Worksheet Maker Lite

Free Handwriting Without Tears font worksheet maker for spelling, vocabulary, and writing with print, cursive, and Spanish characters available.

Frog Jump Gazette E-Newsletter

Online newsletter published three times a year with teaching strategies, tips, and free downloads

Capital Start E-Newsletter

Monthly online newsletter for new Handwriting Without Tears users

Video Lessons

Short videos demonstrating lessons and products

Handwriting Without Tears Research Review

Research review about the importance of handwriting instruction

Curriculum Correlations

Learn how our curricula aligns with Utah Standards.


Handwriting Without Tears

Check out how Handwriting Without Tears aligns with the Utah Core Standards.

Keyboarding Without Tears

Check out how Keyboarding Without Tears aligns with the ISTE Student Standards.


ELL Strategies

Handwriting Without Tears was developed to meet the needs of all learners, including English Language Learners (ELLs).


Our award-winning, research-based approach supports students with different learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds. To provide differentiated instruction for diverse learners and a seamless transition into any classroom setting, our ELL strategies are integrated into our curriculum.


Learn more about how to implement our ELL handwriting strategies in your classroom and check out our ELL handwriting resources.


Strategies for English Language Learners

HWT Print Strategies for ELL

HWT Print Letter Group Posters

HWT Cursive Strategies for ELL

HWT Cursive Letter Group Posters


Handwriting Without Tears Approved Product Offerings

The approved product offerings for Utah include the latest resources and strategies for improving students’ handwriting and writing skills and enhancing teacher and educator support.


  • Free Teacher’s Kit
    Teacher resource kit that includes Digital Teaching Tools, Teacher’s Guide, Music, and Wall Cards
  • K–4 Teacher’s Guides
    Helpful guides for implementing handwriting lessons
  • K– 4 Workbooks
    Effective student workbooks for handwriting and cross-curricular instruction

Keyboarding Without Tears Approved Product Offerings

  • Keys for Me
    Kindergarten keyboarding license
  • My Keying Board
    Grade 1 keyboarding license
  • Key Power
    Grade 2 keyboarding license
  • Keyboarding
    Grade 3 keyboarding license
  • Keyboarding Success
    Grade 4 keyboarding license
  • Can-Do Keyboarding
    Grade 5 keyboarding license