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Phonics, Reading, and Me™ demonstrated Promising Evidence ESSA Level III Learn More

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Harness the power of small group to meet your foundational literacy Science of Reading goals.

Phonics, Reading,

and Me Program Overview

Get a closer look at this breakthrough K–3 reading program.

Promising Evidence ESSA Level III

Phonics, Reading and Me (PRM) demonstrated statistically significant impact on high utility phonics skill growth among K-3rd grade students in an evidence study conducted using LearnPlatform by Instructure resulting in Promising Evidence ESSA Level III.  Students literacy skill proficiency grew significantly over the course of PRM’s lesson sequence.  Those students who started with below-level literacy skills increased at a faster rate compared to other students over the course of PRM’s lesson sequence. 

Johns Hopkins Efficacy Study

Phonics, Reading, and Me is evidence based and has a positive impact on early literacy achievement as shown in an independent study conducted by John’s Hopkins University Center of Research and Reform in Education.

A Snapshot of Success in the Classroom

In the community of Jasper, a rural city just northwest of Birmingham, Alabama, students have already seen success with Learning Without Tears’ newest reading program, Phonics, Reading, and Me™.

More than 450 of the region’s students attend T.R. Simmons Elementary School, where educators were beginning to see gaps in students’ reading skills that stood out to them. Angela Harbin, a reading specialist at the school, said they were looking for a literacy program that supported their existing curriculum by building foundational skills that would last through the later grades.

Efficient and Effective Early Reading Instruction

We’re not just teaching reading; we’re cultivating confident, lifelong readers through a research-backed approach to phonics instruction. Our method delivers results that matter and empowers students with a solid foundation in phonics, opening the door to fluent reading and comprehension.

Rooted in evidence-based practices, our program is designed to spark a genuine love for reading. We understand that literacy education isn’t just about decoding words; it’s about inspiring students to explore the rich world of literature with enthusiasm and assurance.

Phonics, Reading, and Me is Eligible for Federal Funding

Phonics, Reading, and Me is an evidence-based program that is eligible for educational grants and funding. Explore how you can use available funds to support reading in your schools.

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