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Phonics, Reading, and Me™ demonstrated Promising Evidence ESSA Level III Learn More

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Harness the power of small group to meet your foundational literacy Science of Reading goals.

Phonics, Reading,

and Me Program Overview

Get a closer look at this breakthrough K–3 reading program.

Connected, Targeted, Time-Saving

A Blended Reading Experience

Students read connected text in books and through Student Digital Learning to practice decoding and recognizing common words while gaining content knowledge. The key learning outcome is independent reading proficiency.

Saving Teacher Time

Make the most of limited instructional time with accurate, regular assessment checkpoints, that ensure students receive the scaffolded support or stretch opportunities to achieve success.

  • Teacher-led lessons are quick and to the point.
  • After teacher-led small-group sessions, continue key-skill practice in Student Digital Learning.
  • Offer struggling students scaffolds automatically, to help them reach proficiency.


Oral Reading Screener and Embedded Progress Monitoring

This voice-enabled oral reading screener, powered by SoapBox Labs, records each child reading a short decodable text and scores the child’s ability to read skill words in connected text.

This time-saving tool helps teachers by:

  • Listening to students read and analyzing proficiency.
  • Providing appropriate supports and activities for assessment.
  • Assigning extra practice through automated pathing.

Try the Phonics, Reading, and Me Digital Experience


Get access to all that the Teacher Digital Tool offers, including resources for planning, teaching and reporting with our 30-day trial. Add full demo copy about the power of adaptive digital pathing and more.

Proud to be a 2023 EdTech Awards Finalist for Cool Tool in the Reading/Literacy category!

Student Digital Learning includes...

Cumulative Review


Systematic distributive practice
of primary and secondary skills,
and high-frequency words

Supported Reading


Connected text with
immediate feedback, hints,
and modeling



Playful and engaging
skills practice

Differentiated Content


Personalized paths mean
scaffolded or stretch
content with activities