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Phonics, Reading, and Me™ demonstrated Promising Evidence ESSA Level III Learn More

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Harness the power of small group to meet your foundational literacy Science of Reading goals.

Developmentally Appropriate Strategies for Success

For over 40 years, Learning Without Tears has been building practical, easy to implement tools to support all learners.  All of our products are grounded in research and use a multimodal, developmental approach to prepare children to become proficient listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. Our passion is creating products and services that help teachers and families instill literacy skills that last a lifetime.


And Phonics, Reading, and Me

Letter learning is a multifaceted skill that includes knowledge of letter names, letter sounds, and letter forms. This integral skill, also known as alphabet knowledge, is crucial to early literacy and has been shown to be one of the strongest predictors of later literacy development.  

A–Z for Mat Man and Me teaches alphabet knowledge and seamlessly prepares children for Set A of Phonics, Reading, and Me™, which builds high-utility phonics skills such as short vowels and consonant digraphs. 


And Phonics, Reading, and Me

Phonics, Reading, and Me™ includes the trademark handwriting models that are core to the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Together, both programs deepen literacy learning, reinforcing and extending handwriting instruction and phonics skills.  


HWT: Writing is applied phonics.  Integrated handwriting is a powerful addition for early literacy programs.


PRM: Students build on the tactile written forms as they are practicing phonics skills via encoding and writing skills in response to the texts they read.


And Phonics, Reading, and Me

The Get Set for School complete Pre-K program includes many hands-on learning products that can support and extend reading instruction in Phonics, Reading, and Me.

Sound Around Box

Practices - Phonemic awareness and phonics skills

Students use magnetic tiles and other manipulatives to help them identify beginning sounds, segment, and blend words.

Magnetic Lowercase and Blackboard Set

Practices - Decoding, encoding, and learning affixes

Students write on the board and manipulate the letters to make words and word parts.

Line It Up

Builds - Phonemic awareness, comprehension, and narrative skills

Students assemble a sequence of images to create scenes.