Dynamic Library of Texts

Print and digital text sets tie learning together.

Rich, Knowledge-Building Texts

Learning to read shouldn’t be rote, or so rigorous that students lose confidence. Phonics, Reading, and Me adjusts the method of reading from print to digital and back again to ensure every student can access the same text. 

Consistent Themes Build Knowledge 

With Phonics, Reading, and Me, students get a cohesive experience. As students read rich print and digital texts, they open a window to the world beyond their walls. These texts are organized sequentially to build phonics skills and knowledge around concepts and topics. Each unit correlates to social studies and science topics across five themes, including community, animals, jobs, and more. 

Print Text: Decodable Text Builds Knowledge and Skills

Texts within Student Digital Learning apply the skills explicitly taught in the print while still making connections to the unit theme.

  • Every text supports children's early literacy development, with clear sentences placed in easy-to-follow layouts.
  • Illustrations and photos in nonfiction books extend and enhance meaning without revealing too much that's not in the text itself.

Digital Text: Equity and Access in a Digital Experience

Student Digital Learning contains digital text counterparts to the print texts in the program. These are offered in varied reading modes, which are offered up as differentiated supports based on the child’s need. Teachers can also opt to turn on or off supports by child, group, or class. 

Oral Reading Screener 

The first digital text that students get in each lesson is delivered in the oral reading mode, if teachers have opted to turn on the voice-enabled assessment to inform pathing.