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Phonics, Reading, and Me™ demonstrated Promising Evidence ESSA Level III Learn More

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Harness the power of small group to meet your foundational literacy Science of Reading goals.

Differentiated Instruction

Meet Students Where They Are

Helping the whole class meet grade-level targets can be challenging. That’s why lessons in Phonics, Reading, and Me prescribe different paths for each skill. Each lesson is structured with recommendations for how to read the Student Book together in a small group, with differentiation and scaffolding that support all learners.

Supported Options Available:

  • Below, on, and above level supports are included for each section

  • Multilingual learner supports are available for demanding aspects of language of the lesson in the classroom and in digital learning

  • Decoding and articulation supports help students who need them.

Before-Reading Differentiation

Build background on anything that could impede understanding. Choose which supports fit each group.

During-Reading Differentiation

Engage in shared reading to help students with accuracy, comprehension, and fluency, including focus on both word-level reading and reading for meaning.

After-Reading Differentiation

Culminate the lesson with each small group and guide students to transfer their learning via multimodal practice. Differentiate based on what they most need.

Personalized Student Pathing

Student digital learning experiences are adapted based on performance in formative assessment checkpoints and connected with the teacher-lead instruction. When students need more support, they get it for the particular skill.

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