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Harness the power of small group to meet your foundational literacy Science of Reading goals.

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Phonics, Reading, and Me Aligns to the Science of Reading

Teach Through Texts

Consistent Themes Build Knowledge 

With Phonics, Reading, and Me, students get a cohesive learning experience. As students read rich print and digital texts, they open a window to the world beyond their walls. These texts are organized sequentially to build phonics skills and reading knowledge around concepts and engaging topics. Each unit correlates to social studies and science topics across five themes, including community, animals, jobs, and more.  

Print Text: Decodable Text Builds Knowledge and Skills

Children read an equal number of fiction and nonfiction texts to practice decoding and recognizing common words while gaining knowledge.

  • Varied genres (rich, relatable stories, themed nonfiction texts) that all contain a high volume of skill words – up to 30%.

  • Illustrations and photos in nonfiction books extend and enhance meaning without revealing too much that’s not in the text itself, requiring students to apply their decoding skills.

Digital Text: Equity and Access in a Seamless Experience

Student Digital Learning contains digital text counterparts to print texts offering various reading modes and differentiated supports based on students’ needs.

Oral Reading Screener 

The first digital text that students get in each lesson is delivered in the oral reading mode, if teachers have opted to turn on the voice-enabled assessment to inform pathing. 

  • Speech tech and bias

  • Keeping everyone at the same level and offering
    opportunities to scaffold up