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Handwriting in Today's Classrooms

Hear teachers and administrators talk about why handwriting still matters.

Tripod Grip with FLIP Crayons®

Diane teaches finger names and functions. This playful approach helps young children develop grasp.

Get Set for School Teacher Video Lessons

Browse our library of Get Set for School how-to videos from Pre-K to view demonstrations of products and teaching tips. Get inspired and learn new strategies to bring back to your classroom! 

Get Set for School® Overview

It's time to play, It's Pre-K! Watch a quick video overview of the Get Set for School® curriculum.

Crayon Song: Teaching Crayon Grip

Diane uses The Pencil Grip Song to teach tripod grip. This engaging approach holds the student's attention while reinforcing the lesson.

Tripod Grip with FLIP Crayons®

Diane teaches finger names and functions. This playful approach helps young children develop grasp.

Using FLIP Crayons®

Children flip for FLIP Crayons®, the double-sided crayons for little hands that promote proper grip. Flipping the crayons to change colors is a fun and developmentally appropriate way for young learners to develop fine motor skills.

Building Capitals with Capital Letter Cards

This interactive letter building activity with the Mat and Wood Pieces keeps children focused as they respond to spoken instruction. Consistent terminology and taking turns reinforce learning and provide hands-on feedback.

Building Capitals with Capital Letter Cards

Children learn consistent terminology as they build letters on capital letter cards. This activity is a great precursor to building on the Mat. Children see the letter formations as the teacher guides them in group or in individual instruction.

Building Letters With Roll-A-Dough

Here, Ryan has fun building letters with roll-a-dough while improving his finger strength and motor skills. This multisensory activity is also a great prewriting exercise.

Forming Letters with Stamp and See

With Stamp and See, children learn to make capital letters step by step. They form letters by tracing with magnetic chalk or stamping with wood piece shapes. Patty demonstrates the process for her students who watch and follow along.

Teaching Names with Roll-A-Dough

Use of consistent language helps young children learn to follow instructions. The Roll-A-Dough multisensory activity helps them improve finger strength, fine motor skills, and letter recognition skills as they build letters step by step.

Leaves and Branches, Trunks and Roots

"Leaves and Branches, Trunks and Roots" is part of the new Sing, Sound & Count with Me CD.

My Teacher Draws Song: Imitate Teacher, Draw Shapes

Children love to have grown ups draw for them. My Teacher Draws song and activity teach imitation skills and shapes. Watching Patty draw prepares the class to draw a circle, a square, and a triangle.

Tap, Tap, Tap Song: Teaching Body Awareness

Children love music. It promotes movement and learning. The Tap, Tap, Tap song and activity are a fun way for young children to warm up and learn positional concepts as well as body parts.

The Ant, The Bug and The Bee Song: Finger Plays

The Ant, the Bug & the Bee song uses music and movement to teach children about the number 6. Children love to fly around like bees as they sing along with the lyrics.

About A-B-C Touch & Flip Cards

Letters come to life with A-B-C Touch & Flip Cards, part of the award-winning Get Set for School program.

About Word Time

Word Time is a Pre-K language arts program that teaches vocabulary, speaking and thinking skills. It helps children experience new words, say new words and sentences and connect word meanings to their lives in just 10-15 minutes a day. Children joyfully participate.

Line It Up

Line It Up™ and let the learning fun begin. Line It Up uses stories, pictures, conversation starters, and word chants to promote early language and motor skills. The Line It Up Bar helps teachers demonstrate Story Cards and Letter Cards to the whole class.

My Book

My Book is a child's personal storybook and a special way to explore the wonders of books and words. Children learn about the parts of a book, concepts about print, listening, new words, and word and concept connections. My Book encourages children to personalize with drawing and storytelling.

Name, Touch, and Trace with A-B-C Touch & Flip Cards

Children learn about the world around them by touching and exploring. The tactile nature of the A-B-C Touch & Flip Cards turns letters into more than just a symbol on a page.

Pictures and Letters with A-B-C Touch & Flip Cards

Children flip the cards to practice capital and lowercase matching. The double sided cards encourage self-checking and provide immediate feedback that is beneficial for children of all abilities—especially English Language Learners.

Sound Around Box

Sound Around Box™ holds many surprises and gives you many easy ways to teach letters, rhyming, syllables, word parts, listening and cooperation skills. Children will delight in rhyming activities, compound word hunts, memory games, and other early literacy activities.

Word Time "My Body" Activity

This lesson helps children use words to talk about what their bodies can do. ‘Lungs' and ‘chest' are nouns. Nouns name people, places, or things. We use nouns to ask and answer questions.

Writing Name Using Wet-Dry-Try

Jan shows Ella how to write her name doing wet-dry-try. This motivational activity helps children have fun as they develop fine motor skills with small tools including little chalk bits.

4 Squares More Squares

4 Squares More Squares brings geometry and spatial relationships to life in your Pre-K classroom, focusing on squares, puzzles and problem solving. Colorful, chunky shapes encourage children to design and build. Big and Little Pieces teach children to slide, turn and flip shapes.

About 1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards

Recognizing numbers and understanding quantities become easy and fun with 1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards, part of the award-winning Get Set for School program.

About I Know My Numbers

Children enjoy counting, number formation and additional early math skills with I Know My Numbers, part of the award-winning Get Set for School Pre-K program.

Count 9 with I Know My Numbers

Students learn to count to 9 in an engaging way using the I Know My Numbers activity booklets. The booklets help students acquire critical, early math skills.

Cups & Caps with I Know My Numbers

I Know My Numbers engages your preschoolers with coloring pages, songs, rhymes, and other multisensory activities.

Matching Game with 1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards

1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards can be used in a whole class setting, one-on-one, or for independent play. The set includes 10 double-sided animal cards, 10 double-sided counter cards, and an activity booklet.

Mix & Make Shapes

Preschoolers explore geometry concepts, measurement, and patterns with Mix & Make Shapes. Brightly colored shapes and friendly hands-on activities invite children to sort, trace, transform, and move basic shapes.

Name, Touch, and Trace with 1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards

The 10 counter cards have squares for counting on one side, and numbers on the other. The cards encourage self-checking and provide immediate feedback that is beneficial for children of all abilities—especially English Language Learners.

Pre-K Math Lesson: Measuring with Tag Bags

The measuring Tea Bags activity teaches pre-k children geometry/spatial relations, vocabulary, and of course, measuring.

Pre-K Math Product: Tag Bags

Tag Bags is an engaging math manipulative that is part of the Get Set for School Pre-K program. This versatile teaching tool gives your preschoolers a fun, hands-on introduction to math skills, and helps to build a lifelong enjoyment of math.

Building and Drawing Mat Man

Children bring the beloved Mat Man character to life with the Mat and Wood Pieces. This interactive activity helps young learners develop body awareness, drawing skills, socialization, and number awareness.