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How to Foster the Foundations for Confident Handwriting

October 25, 2022


2 mins



Beyond the fundamental of knowing how to write, do your students know what they’re writing about?

Understanding the difference between the mechanics of writing and the content itself is one of the key factors in fostering writing automaticity. When students are taught to write fluently and automatically, it allows them to focus more on the content of their writing and fully explore their comprehension skills.

Start by Assessing Your Students  

Want to find out where your students stand with their handwriting skills? Try this risk-free, video-guided Handwriting Assessment. You'll easily gauge your students' proficiency levels and identify areas that need attention in less than 10 minutes!.

To start, simply download the worksheet, follow the video guide, and upload an image of the completed assessment. Then, one of our handwriting specialists will score the assessment and send you actionable feedback to help guide instruction, along with areas of focus for your student.   

Then, Take It to the Next Level 

If the free assessment gave your child the nudge they needed to reach for handwriting success, you'll really begin to unlock their writing potential with 1-on-1 lessons from a certified handwriting specialist. Sign up for one of Learning Without Tears' virtual handwriting tutoring packages.  You'll get four 30-minute virtual sessions, hands-on products for multisensory practice, and access to proven digital tools.  

Get all the benefits of personalized instruction and focus on the areas of importance for your child.  This might include common issues like reversals or spacing, areas identified in the free assessment, or simply ensuring your child is forming good habits. 

Help your child build this foundational skill and gain confidence in their ability to write, learn, and be a successful student.  

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