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Learning Without Tears Unveils Handwriting Without Tears© 2025: Elevating Literacy Education with Science-Backed Innovations

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Learning Without Tears Unveils Handwriting Without Tears © 2025: Elevating Literacy Education with Science-Backed Innovations

Handwriting Without Tears © 2025 embraces the science of reading and handwriting to offer a dynamic solution that is both intuitive and customizable to classroom needs

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- On National Handwriting Day, Learning Without Tears, a leading early education company renowned for its unique teaching and learning approach, announces the latest evolution of Handwriting Without Tears © 2025. Handwriting Without Tears © 2025 retains its proven and beloved format, now with added content, features, and enhancements.

Handwriting Without Tears © 2025, a dedicated TK-6 program grounded in the science of reading and handwriting, provides a compelling solution for essential literacy skills. Developed by occupational therapists to address handwriting challenges and informed by teachers attuned to educational needs, this research-backed initiative ensures improved student outcomes and success in school. Handwriting Without Tears© 2025 seamlessly integrates with core ELA programs with its flexible and user-friendly design.

This year, California joined 22 states requiring public school students to learn cursive. In addition, there has been an increased emphasis on the science of reading and writing amidst declining reading scores. Handwriting Without Tears' programs align with the science of reading by developing phonemic awareness, phonics, and automatic word recognition skills while facilitating gross and fine motor skills to build handwriting fluency.

"Research shows that handwriting improves academic performance in all subjects, from science to math, reading and social studies," said Dr. Cheryl Lundy Swift, Professional Learning Director at Learning Without Tears. "Cursive writing, in particular, plays an essential role in today's classroom because it improves brain development in the areas of thinking, language, working memory and literacy."

Key features of Handwriting Without Tears © 2025 include:

  • A dedicated print and digital handwriting solution driven by science.
  • Flexible implementation with embedded professional development for teachers.
  • Multisensory approach catering to all learning styles in English and Spanish.
  • Integration of hands-on manipulatives for fine and gross motor skill development.
  • Streamlined, user-friendly teacher's guide providing step-by-step support for both new and experienced educators.

"Through 40 years of experience, we've helped students develop the fundamental skills they need to become fluent writers with our dedicated handwriting program," said Eric Olsen, Chairman at Learning Without Tears. "This newest evolution will help students discover the joy in writing using multi-sensory learning methods while aiding teachers in delivering engaging digital lessons without prep time."

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About Learning Without Tears

Learning Without Tears (LWT) is a leading early education company, distinguished by its innovative and effective approach to teaching and learning. Specializing in supplemental programs, LWT focuses on cultivating foundational literacy skills crucial for student success, including Kindergarten readiness skills to alphabet knowledge, phonics, as well as handwriting and typing skills. Tailored for learners from Pre-K through elementary school, LWT's offerings benefit all learners using a variety of multisensory experiences, developmentally appropriate methodologies, and research-proven practices. Trusted by teachers and used by millions of students worldwide, LWT's professional learning programs also play a pivotal role in building early education expertise for educators, tutors, and occupational therapists both in the United States and globally. Notably, the company received acknowledgment at the 2023 EdTech Awards, with its Get Set for School® program being honored as the "Best Early Childhood/Kindergarten-Readiness Solution." For more information, please visit

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