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Learning Without Tears Policy for Third-Party Roster Management

Effective Date: May 17, 2017           


PII and Student Login.

[Basically, we only access PII through your roster management provider.]


If you are a School or School District that uses our Services through a third-party roster management (TRM) solution, we will store and use TRM-supplied personally identifiable information (PII) to perform student login to provide you with our Services.


A TRM provider is a custodian of the PII of your School or School District. As a first step, you must grant us access to the PII that is associated with the students licensed to use our Services, and that is hosted by your TRM provider. We then access the student data (PII) for roster management using our integration of the TRM API. We only use this student data for personalization within our client-side apps, our internal classroom (roster) management system, and student login functionality, all of which are a part of our Services. We only have access to view and use the student data that a School has previously uploaded to their respective TRM provider and for which that School has granted us access.


TRM and License Assignment.

[Basically, one student uses one licenses at a time, but you can transfer it. See our General Terms of Service.]


A School can assign each student license to only one student at one time during the license term. Licenses may be transferred among students so long as the re-assignment of a license complies with our General Terms of Service.


Duplicate Student Records.

[Basically, if your roster management provider feeds us duplicates, no problem. We can handle that.]


For a student login to a Learning Without Tears application that uses TRM-Supplied PII, we uniquely identify students

based off of two variables: (1) an School Information System (SIS) unique identifier (2) a TRM unique identifier. Your TRM provider generally provides these two variables to us. They also generally require that each SIS entity must have a SIS-wide unique identifier for each student, and generally assign their own unique identifier for each student. Accordingly, by the time we receive your TRM-supplied PII, we can detect duplicate student records and manage them.