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You’ve got options! We’ll help you find the best use of your federal funds by showing you how Learning Without Tears’ proven, effective programs are eligible.

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Explore the state and federal funding sources available for your district to help reach your goals.

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Federal Funding Program Guide

Learning Without Tears products are eligible for educational grants and funding. From early learning to handwriting and keyboarding, you can bring proven-effective, developmentally appropriate products from each of our curricula to your classroom.

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Handwriting Without Tears Meets ESSA Tier 2 Evidence Criteria

A rigorous study by Johns Hopkins School of Education found that Handwriting Without Tears’ print and digital curriculum meets Tier 2 (Moderate Evidence) of the Every Student Succeeds Act. These findings support the use of handwriting instruction to promote student achievement with written production and written literacy.

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Eligible Programs

Contact a representative to learn more about eligible programs that you can purchase with grant funding.

Handwriting Without Tears

By combining time-tested instructional methods with unparalleled interactive tools, you can extend learning beyond the classroom, engaging Pre-K-5 students of all levels.

A-Z for Mat Man and Me

Seamlessly bring the ABCs to life during circle time with vibrant student letter books that build the basis for literacy skills.

Get Set for School

This complete, developmentally appropriate Pre-K program is expert-backed, research-based, and proven to be a success.

Keyboarding Without Tears

Keyboarding Without Tears makes it easy to teach the pre-keyboarding and keyboarding skills students need to succeed with any assignment, in any setting.