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A Click Away: Get Set for School

Welcome to A Click Away for the Get Set For School Teacher’s Guide.

Pre-K Resources

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    26              Fine Motor and Letter Practice for Home (PDF)
    37              Mat Man's Insides (PDF)
    57              Name Cards (PDF)
    107            Bright Yellow Smiley Face (PDF)
    170            Capital Letter Formation Chart (PDF)
    170            Capital Practice Strips (PDF)
    171            Lowercase Formation Chart (PDF)
    196-197     I Know My Numbers Activities for Parents (PDF)
                     Get Set for School Sing Along CD (PDF)
                     Song Lyrics (PDF)
                     Sing, Sound, & Count with Me Music CD Activities (PDF)
                     Song Lyrics (PDF)
                     Rock, Rap, Tap, & Learn Music CD Activities (PDF)
                     Song Lyrics (PDF)

    208          Help Me Write My Name

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    26             Sing, Sound and Count With Me Lyrics (PDF)
    45             Word Magic: One Word Turns Into Two! (PDF)
    75             That's My Letter (PDF)
    77             Letter Tags (PDF)
    79             Letter Time (PDF)
    97             Letters and Words for Sentences (PDF)
    99             I Know My Name and Your Name Too (PDF)
    101           I Can Read Signs! (PDF)
    117           Feelings Are Important (PDF)
    132           Word Time (PDF)
    139           How Does It Feel? (PDF) 
    163           Sign Makers (PDF)
    185           Check Readiness (PDF)

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    18             Sing, Sound and Count With Me Lyrics (PDF)
    67             Half and Half (PDF)
    79             Red Light, Green Light (PDF)
    103           Snap a Shape (PDF)
    123           Pattern Day (PDF)
    139           From Bears to Chairs (PDF)
    141           Cover and See (PDF)
    147           Day and Night Charades (PDF)
    153          Apples and Bananas (PDF)
    155          Dog or Fish? (PDF)
    177          Check Readiness (PDF)

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    26             Help Me Write My Name (PDF)
    45             Pattern Cards for Wood Pieces (PDF)
    46             Mat Man for Body Awareness (PDF)
    70             More Aim and Scribble (PDF)
    127           Welcome to Pre-K Parent Letter (PDF)
    128           Helpful Handout: Mat Man for Body Awareness (PDF)
    129           Help Me Hold My Crayon (PDF)

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    8              Home Practice (PDF)
    8              Word List Alphabetical (PDF)
    8              Word List by Block (PDF)
    8              Lesson Planner Pages by Block (PDF)
    76            Brain (PDF)
    82            Lungs (PDF)
    8              Parent's Note and Squawker Cutout (PDF)
    50            Capital Letter Formation Chart (PDF)

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