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A Click Away: 3rd Grade

Welcome to A Click Away for the 3rd Grade Cursive Teacher’s Guide

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Your resources include Cursive Warm-Ups, Home Link downloads, and other activities that foster active learning.

3rd Grade Resources

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    19            ELL Strategies
    30            Looking Out for Lefties
    45            Connections Mini Quiz
    47            Cursive Warm-Ups
    59            Mystery Letter Game with cc
    150          Handwriting Record
    151          Handwriting All Year Activities
    160          Check My Teaching
    160          Handwriting Report Card
    161          Pencil Pick-Ups
    162          Check My Grip
    163          The Eraser Challenge
    163          My Handwriting Checklist
    165          Mystery Word Game with cc
    166          Third Grade Welcome Letter
    167          Use It, Don't Lose It
    170          Common Core State Standards

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    47             Cursive Warm-Ups

    57             Magic c Letter Group

    65             Letter Group with h, t, p

    71             Letter Group with e, l, f

    81             Letter Group with u, y, i, j

    89             Letter Group with k, r, s

    101           Tow Truck Letter Group - o, w, b, v

    105           Cranked Up Letters

    113           Letter Group with m and n

    121           Letter Group with x, q, z

    133           Cursive Capital Connections

    Stomp Your Feet - Page 29Stomp Your Feet - Page 29

    Connection Inspection - Page 45

    Prepare in the Air - Page 47

    Wet-Dry-Try for Lowercase - Page 48

    Wet-Dry-Try for Names - Page 49

    Teaching with Magic c - Page 50

    Teaching with Voices - Page 52

    Teaching Cursive Letters - Page 54

    Tow Truck Kids - Page 93

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