Technology provides educators a way to connect and engage their students in the classroom or at home. Learning Without Tears has many options for integrating developmentally appropriate technology to enhance your teaching and create school-to-home connections. 

Family works together at home

Distance Learning

We have developed many resources that can help you continue children’s handwriting, keyboarding, and Pre-K development from a distance. Explore our print and online learning solutions, dozens of support videos, articles and how-to’s to help making mastering essential handwriting, keyboarding and prekindergarten development skills successful and fun. All of our distance learning resources are in one easy-to-navigate place.

Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool

Bring student editions to life with the Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool. This no-prep, comprehensive approach to teaching includes digital letter formations, teaching videos, and fun animations your children will love.

Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool on Whiteboard
Handwriting Screener

Screener and Worksheet Maker

The Screener of Handwriting Proficiency is a free and easy-to-administer whole-class assessment tool that provides insightful data through formative and summative assessments on students’ handwriting skills and areas in need of remediation. Looking to make your own worksheets? The A+ Workseet Maker is a free and easy-to-use classroom resource for creating effective worksheets that enables educators to integrate the unique Handwriting Without Tears font and double lines into other classroom activities.