Just as handwriting is a foundation skill for literacy, keyboarding is a foundation skill for coding—the new digital literacy! Keyboarding instruction teaches students how to type using proper technique, efficiently use the keyboard and mouse, and safely navigate the internet.

Keyboarding Without Tears integrates typing exercises, cross-curricular themes, and online test preparation. It also includes digital citizenship lessons. In just 5–10 minutes per day or 30 minutes per week students learn this essential life skill.

Three students use laptops

Experience the Difference

It may seem as though the digital natives in your classroom know their way around technology.

However, in order to be successful with digital communication and online tests, they will need to type fluently, learn computer functions, format text, and discover how to interact in many online environments.

Try Keyboarding Without Tears for free to see how it is the perfect fit for your classroom. 

KWT Program Guide

Take a deep dive into the philosophy, approach, and research of the Keyboarding WIthout Tears curriculum. The program includes information about the award-winning, grade level programs. 

Spring 2020 KWT brochure

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