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Teaching Tips

Your Digital Learning Day Checklist for Success

January 22, 2019

by: Kathryn Fox

3 minutes

In celebration of Digital Learning Day and its purpose of ensuring that all youth have access to high-quality learning opportunities no matter where they live, we’ve created a special checklist to get you ready for Digital Learning Day! 

It’s time to prepare your lesson plans and train your digital learners because in the increasingly digital world and classroom, it’s imperative that all students learn digitally and become efficient keyboarders and responsible digital citizens.

Explore our checklist to get ideas, activities, and top tips for Digital Learning Day, so when February 28 arrives, you’ll be ready to celebrate with your digital learners. Plus, in participation with Digital Learning Day we are hosting a virtual typing challenge and we hope you will join us! 

Download the checklist!  

Our checklist is a great resource to kick start getting ready for Digital Learning Day. Don’t forget to share your Digital Learning Day fun with us on social media and participate in our typing challenge on February 28!

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