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Teaching Tips

Where Do You Start Your Letters?

February 15, 2019

by: LWT staff

5 minutes

At Learning Without Tears, we start our letters at the top! You might be familiar with this line from our song “Where Do You Start Your Letters?” and know that little learners love to get moving and grooving while learning letter formations!

But, we also know that students succeed with our unique letter formation language because it’s child friendly and developmentally appropriate. As students graduate to independent writing, they take the foundation of the letter formation language they learned in handwriting lessons with them.

Since teachers spend a fair amount of time reciting our letter formations to their little learners, we decided to energize our letter formation language with fun student stories. We asked children what the letters of the alphabet and our letter formation language looked and sounded like to them, the results were adorable and imaginative! 

Check out our latest letter stories like lowercase p and lowercase j straight from our students and see how our letter formation language comes to life in their imaginations. For more letter stories, follow us on Instragram! 

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