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Top Five Resources to Celebrate National Principals Month

October 1, 2018

by: LWT staff

4 minutes

This one is for the principals out there!

It’s National Principals Month and we are here to celebrate. Principals are a crucial part of the school community and in celebration of National Principals Month we've gathered some of our favorite resources and articles for principals to enjoy! 

Resource Roundup

Edutopia has a great resource roundup for principals covering topics like expanding successful school models and collaborating with your teachers.

Brush Up on Standards

Although I’m sure you are familiar with your state’s standards—sometimes it’s hard to know the exact skills and standards students should be hitting for subjects like handwriting, keyboarding, and early learning (Pre-K). Browse some expert-supported standards for early communication skills.

Are you a new principal this year?

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) has great resources on their site for new principals. Their Center for New Principals includes a fun survival guide and some top tips for your new gig!

The Secret Ingredient to Better Academic Performance 

You may have heard some hot debates about handwriting and its relevance around your district. But, did you know that children who excel in handwriting are better prepared for all subjects in their academic career? Read the research and see how adding this skill to your school can make a huge difference.

Professional Development

You understand the importance of professional development in the ever-changing education world. NAESP has a great resource center for online professional development. Also, did you know the 86 percent of elementary school teachers weren’t taught how to teach handwriting? Send your teachers to one of our workshops and have them leave with enhanced skills and tons of free materials they can start using in the classroom the next day. Plus, if you send multiple teachers, you'll get a group discount!  

Look out for more fun as Learning Without Tears celebrates National Principals Month and follow us on social media for more details and special offers! 

Learning Without Tears is the only company that offers all the skills your students need to be confident communicators in your classroom.

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