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Teaching Tips

Top Five Reasons We’re Crazy for Cursive

October 18, 2018

by: Kathryn Fox

2 minutes

Cursive in 2018? Didn’t we leave cursive behind in the 1800s?

Although it may seem like cursive is from a different era—a time when people communicated via letter and didn’t have technology at their fingertips—it’s still important for children to learn today. With benefits that span beyond the classroom, cursive instruction is critical for student success! Check out our top five reasons we’re crazy for cursive:

  1. Children spend up to 58 percent of classroom time writing on paper and writing demands increase with age. Students who write in cursive write faster and more fluently and can meet the writing demands of the classroom better.
  2. Cursive improves literacy skills. Cursive enhances writing fluency, composition, and speed while reinforcing reading and literacy skills!
  3. Cursive enables students to use both sides of their brain and boosts comprehension, participation, and written communication skills. Cursive is beneficial for more than just note-taking.
  4. Cursive helps students write quickly and efficiently in all subjects. Students use cursive across all subjects and use cursive to take notes, write in journals, and complete science labs and social studies assignments.
  5. Cursive leads to personalized writing. As students master cursive, they begin to develop their personalized writing style, which is proven to be faster and more efficient.
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