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Teaching Tips

Tips for World Teachers’ Day

October 5, 2018

by: LWT staff

3 minutes

Teachers of the world, today is dedicated to you! It’s World Teachers’ Day, a day created not only to celebrate your efforts, but to bring awareness to your needs and concerns. World Teachers' Day was founded in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to commemorate the 1966 signing of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers

Within the document, UNESCO and the International Labor Organization (ILO), spell out standards that every teacher and classroom should be able to meet to ensure that students from all over the world are able to receive a quality education. Recommendations consist of carefully thought out suggestions on training, recruitment, advancement and promotion, participation in decision making, classroom conditions, and several other areas that impact teachers’ ability to deliver a quality education. 

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, we are giving you quick tips from your fellow teachers and education professionals on how to achieve success in your classroom and ultimately give your students a high-quality education. See for yourself!

Early Learning

  • “In the beginning of the year, I introduce Mat Man® and then we sing the Mat Man song and build him. Every week, we have a star student of the week and we draw that person and write why he/she is special. On Friday, we call that person up to the front of the classroom and sing the Mat Man song, but instead of saying Mat Man, we say the star student's name. For example, if I was the star of the week, they’d draw me while singing, 'Ms. Gallardo has one head, one head, one head. Ms. Gallardo has one heaaaaaad so that she can think!' The activity is great in so many ways, and the star student feels so special. Plus, the rest of the students aren’t forgetting to draw any parts of a person. By the end of the year, my 4-year-olds are drawing fully detailed pictures with people that have all of their body parts.”

-Gina, Teacher

  • “I love to send home a letter to parents introducing myself with a small container of Play-Doh and ideas they can use at home. It helps to increase fine motor skills!”

-Julia, OT


  • “I start the year by evaluating each student with the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency. This gives me insight into each student's individual needs and it also allows me to track their progress throughout the year.”

-Leigh, Teacher

  • “Our school caters for students with special needs and developing independence is a very important part of lessons. The most important thing that someone can know is their name and how to sign their signature! Using Gray Block Paper, we create sign-in charts with students’ pictures beside them. Each day, the first thing a student does is write their first and last name before heading off to start the rest of their day! We also velcro our Pencils for Little Hands to the wall of our writing room for safekeeping!" 

-Rachael, Principal


  • “I ask my kids to practice typing using the Keyboarding Without Tears® program every day as a fun learning game, so that they can learn typing skills, refresh some reading skills, and still have fun during the summer." 

-Sally, Parent

Classroom Success

  • “I greet my students each day with a handshake and a new way of saying good morning, greeting them each week in a new language." 

-Dolly, Teacher

  • “At meet the teacher night, I take the child's picture and put it by their cubby and seat so when they come to school they see their picture and feel part of the class.”

-Katie, Director

Like the founders of World Teachers' Day, we believe that teachers and all education professionals should have everything they need to give students a quality education. That is why we provide several resources designed to help you deliver knowledge at your highest potential.

We cannot wait to hear your tips on how to give students a great learning experience! Happy World Teachers’ Day from Learning Without Tears!

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