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Teaching Tips

Reach for the Sky—It's National Skyscraper Day

September 3, 2019

by: LWT staff

3 minutes

Today is National Skyscraper Day!

The term "skyscraper" came into use in the 1880s just after the first skyscrapers had been built. The term was originally used for buildings over 10 stories in height. The term has evolved over the years as engineering has allowed buildings to be taller. 40 stories is now the benchmark to qualify as a skyscraper. Celebrate the day in your classroom by researching the world's tallest skyscrapers or having students create their own model building using hands-on materials like building blocks, cardboard, paper, and tin foil. Then, engage your students in a discussion about their buildings’ architecture. 

Every skyscraper needs a strong foundation to reach the sky! The same building strategy applies to literacy. Successful writers also must begin with a strong foundation to achieve literacy and reach new heights in reading and writing. The first layer of bricks when “building” literacy includes oral language, phonemic awareness, and grammar. At Learning Without Tears, we build successful writers every day with a developmentally appropriate, effective curriculum.

Learn more about how you can build a strong foundation for literacy in our new webinar, Essential Literacy Skills: What’s Missing? View on demand here.

Reach for the sky!

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