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Pre-K Literacy and Technology at NAEYC


Learning Without Tears is reporting live from NAEYC! We had a great time exploring NAEYC this year in our hometown of DC! We hope you had a chance to stop by our booth to check out our different Pre-K stations featuring readiness, literacy and language, and numbers and math! Plus, Mat Man® was the star of the show and loved taking pictures with everyone.

With Mr. Rogers and all of his work as a foundation of this year’s NAEYC annual conference, we enjoyed learning about literacy, technology, and the future of Pre-K at many different sessions. We dove deeper into the importance of hands-on, multisensory learning and engaged in many different active learning exercises featuring music, movement, and more.

Although the early November snow storm slowed the traffic down outside, NAEYC was bustling with new ways to prepare little learners for the increasing demands of elementary school, especially kindergarten. We learned so much about the importance of multisensory learning as well as ways to effectively weave technology into the Pre-K classroom. We can’t wait for our next conference and hope to see you there!

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