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Our New Pre-K Curriculum: 5 Fun, Foundational Facts

January 16, 2020

by: Monet Stevens

4 minutes

The word is out: the Get Set for School Pre-K curriculum has been updated! We’ve taken our fun, foundational Pre-K program and expanded it to reach additional early learning domains. Here are five important facts to help you better understand how you can use the new Get Set for School program to expand the Pre-K possibilities in your classroom.

1. Get Set for School meets all early learning domains.

Gone are the days of mixing programs and putting together mismatched learning materials to meet your local, Pre-K learning standards. Get Set for School has everything teachers need to meet all early learning domains including hands-on tools, activity books, teacher’s guides, and more.

2. Teaching Pre-K is much simpler.

We’ve made the lives of busy Pre-K teachers much simpler with our new teacher’s guide options. The new Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide: Introduction to the Curriculum includes lessons in the areas of Readiness & Writing, Language & Literacy, and Numbers & Math that are arranged in a flexible, daily format that allows teachers to see which domains are covered with each lesson. The Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide: Multisensory Lessons with Hands-On Learning takes instructors through the process of implementing purposeful play in the classroom and using it to teach critical foundation skills.   

3. We have a children’s book collection!

Your children will love turning the pages of our new social-emotional learning focused trade books! We’ve hand-picked books that teach important social-emotional learning skills such as self-regulation and personal responsibility that fit perfectly into daily lessons.

4. Lessons can be enhanced with Pre-K teaching technology.

Get set for developmentally-appropriate technology! Our new PreKITT: The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool supports lessons and enhances demonstration abilities with teacher-led letter and number formation exercises, engaging animations, and multisensory music videos!

5. Spanish options support multilingual early learning!

Get Set for School is also available in Spanish! Visit our website to learn how to foster multilingual early learning success in your classroom.

We are so excited about the Pre-K possibilities that will come from our expanded world of fun, foundational learning! Stay connected through email and social media for continued guidance on our new early education adventure.

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