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Our 5 Favorite Read-Aloud Books

August 9, 2019

by: LWT staff

2 minutes


For all those who find themselves lost in a land created in the mind of an author or assuming the role of architect in the construction of young imaginations, cementing fresh new words and sentences into the mind, today is for you.

It’s National Book Lovers Day, and we want to share our “read-aloud” favorite books with you! We’ve compiled a list of developmentally-friendly books that are as fun to listen to as they are to read. Take these book suggestions back to your classroom and don’t forget to share them with your teacher friends.

  1. The Little Engine That Could
    Author: Watty Piper
    Grades: Pre-K–2
    Take your students along on the journey of a young locomotive who learns to believe in herself as she treads upon new territory and learns to help others. The little blue engine teaches the value of self-confidence, compassion, and teamwork. By the end of this classic, your students will be shouting “I think I can.”
  2. Mat Man On The Go
    Author: Jan Z. Olsen
    Grades: Pre-K–K
    Join Mat Man® on an adventurous day around the world! From the city to the moon, our beloved classroom character learns something new at every location. Each page teaches active verbs and adjectives as students listen and peer through the vivid chronicle of the character’s voyage.
  3. How to Code a Sandcastle
    Author: Josh Funk
    Grades: K–3
    Pearl and her robot best friend Pascal can introduce your students to the wonder of science through her determination to build a sandcastle. After several tries are soiled by busy beach happenings, she turns to coding to build an indestructible masterpiece. Pearl and Pascal expose students to basic coding concepts and vocabulary.
  4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
    Author: Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault
    Grades: Pre-K–K
    What happens when all the lowercase letters of the alphabet dare to climb a tree? They rhythmically come tumbling down. Beginning letter learners will love hearing the poetic fall of each lowercase letter and how their capital letter guardians come to their rescue. This book gives children a letter learning experience that they will never forget.
  5. Green Eggs and Ham 
    Author: Dr. Seuss 
    Grades: Pre-K–5
    Invite your students to try something new with Sam! In this Dr. Seuss classic, readers follow the reluctant journey of a very hesitant food critic who constantly states his disapproval of a dish he has never tried. This captivating storyline inspires students to join the narrator in showing Sam the beauty of change.     

Learning Without Tears wishes you the happiest National Book Lovers Day! 

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