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Teaching Tips

Mat Man to the Rescue

September 20, 2018

by: Megan Parker

2 min

Multisensory learning is essential for teaching Pre-K concepts such as letters, numbers, body awareness, building, and social-emotional skills. But, how do you capture the attention of your young learners while teaching them these important foundation skills? We have a solution for you: Mat Man® to the rescue!

Mat Man is an engaging Pre-K and kindergarten classroom character that embodies the Learning Without Tears approach to drawing with multisensory activities and strategies that help young learners develop strong drawing and cognitive skills.

Who Is Mat Man?

From classroom personality to storybook hero, Mat Man is a beloved classroom sidekick, useful teaching tool, and a proven resource!

Children of all abilities who received Mat Man instruction improved their Draw-A-Person (DAP) test scores versus children who received traditional instruction. The positive results for children who received Mat Man instruction were sustainable for six weeks post study.

Mat Man also teaches important readiness skills:

•    Body awareness
•    Drawing and pre-writing
•    Counting
•    Building
•    Socializing and sharing

So where can you find Mat Man?

Mat Man lives in Mat Man World. Visit Mat Man World to purchase him for your classroom, explore his book series, and play games!

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