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Making the Most of Your Funding Options

September 9, 2022

by: Ramon Torres

2 mins


With every student that enters a classroom, there’s a foundation ready to be built and nurtured. These foundations flourish from having the right educational tools at the right time. However, it can be difficult knowing where to look and how to get the momentum going. 

Learning Without Tears understands this issue and the financial circumstances tied to accessing effective instructional programs that you can trust. As your partners in literacy excellence, we strive to work with you and ensure that your classroom has everything it needs to thrive.  

As part of a recent initiative to help connect educators with the federal funding they deserve, we have revamped our Funding Research Center to give you the support you need. By providing you with evidence-based programs aligned to ESSER’s requirements, you will be able to meet your students’ needs, wherever they are. 

Proven Results

Our time-tested, research-backed programs deliver the results that matter by improving their writing technique. With Handwriting Without Tears®, a comprehensive curriculum that meets ESSA’s Tier 2 evidence criteria, you can help your Pre-K–5 students sharpen their fine motor mechanics and work towards handwriting automaticity. Handwriting Without Tears® is just one of the many programs we offer that are eligible for federal funding and grants. 




Practical PD

Not only are we geared towards helping students succeed, but we also want to see you, a committed educator, grow as well. With our Professional Learning workshops and resources, we inspire teachers, empower their growth, and help them thrive into classroom heroes. 

Funds eligible for Professional Learning: 

  • Title I, Part A 
  • Title II 
  • Title III 
  • Striving Readers 
  • ESSER Funding

Purposeful Skills 

We aren't a big-box provider. We specialize. Schools turn to us because we help students build the literacy skills they need to blossom into confident readers, writers, and life-long learners. From building foundational reading skills with A–Z for Mat Man® and Me to refining phonics skills with Phonics, Reading, and Me®, our programs truly make a difference. 

Want to see more of your funding options? Visit our interactive Funding Research Center and make the most of your federal dollars with support from our expert representatives.  



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