Keyboarding: The Foundation for Digital & Coding Success

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As with any new skill that you set out to learn, you first need a foundation to get started. If you wanted to learn how to create and edit your own videos, you’d need to be skilled in using a camera and editing software. Or, if you wanted to write your first book, you’d need a strong understanding of creative writing and grammar skills.


The same thing goes for coding! As the world becomes more integrated with technology—whether we ask Alexa to play our favorite songs, share cross-curricular videos with our students, or have Waze help us find the fastest route home—our technology-age students need a foundation for digital success.


For skills that are not innate, specific, explicit instruction is the key to success. Through experiential learning and intentional skill-building, mastery of more advanced skills is easier—and more fun!

Coding has become not only an important skill because of its technology intricacies and future career opportunities, but because of its benefits in helping students boost problem-solving, math, writing, creativity, and logic capabilities.


But what is the foundation for coding success? It’s keyboarding! Just as handwriting is a foundation skill for literacy, keyboarding is a foundation skill for coding—the new digital literacy! Keyboarding instruction teaches students how to type using proper technique, efficiently use the keyboard and mouse, and safely navigate the internet.


Don’t forget that both keyboarding and coding instruction should be developmentally appropriate and child friendly to ensure children appropriately learn and retain information. Check out how your students can build a foundation for coding and career success by sampling Keyboarding Without Tears at LWTears.com/TryKWT.

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