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Teaching Tips

Keeping Multisensory Learning in the Classroom in the Digital Age

August 7, 2018

by: LWT staff

4 minutes

Technology is an invaluable asset to the classroom and can include multimedia visuals and interactive instruction to enhance learning. With more and more technology tools becoming available to make life easier for teachers and learning more enriched for students, you might be wondering what hands-on materials are essential for hands-on, multisensory learning.

Not only is it helpful to incorporate tools and activities that employ all five senses, it’s actually crucial for normal development. Incorporating manipulatives into your teaching throughout the day ensures that learning is taken beyond the flat screen and into the real world! 3D materials that stimulate and strengthen visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and auditory learning styles allow children to become well-developed and well-rounded learners. One amazing benefit of manipulatives is that they never become obsolete! Let’s take a look at some manipulatives that withstand the test of time (and your children’s hands):

Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters

Build your way to successful letter recognition! Wood Pieces make pre-writing fun and engaging as children imitate the teacher line by line and curve by curve.

Stamp & See Screen ®

Stamp it out! Build capitals and numbers using our Wood Pieces as stamps. A magnetic, chalk-like writing tool helps develop grip.

Flip Crayons ®

These specially designed crayons promote a proper grip and build fine motor skills as children flip the crayon to change colors.   

Slate Chalkboard

Simplicity is key! Our 4” x 6” Slate Chalkboard is a classic tool for letter and number formation.

The smiley face at the top left corner reinforces top-to-bottom, left-to-right directionality.

Sound Around Box

Go beyond handwriting with one of our most versatile teaching tools. Sound Around Box teaches language concepts and social skills with rhymes, word hunts, and memory games.

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