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Ta-da! We’ve been dropping hints like breadcrumbs about what secret developments we’ve been working on, but today we’re finally revealing the new Learning Without Tears line-up. The New Year has brought brand new editions of all of our teacher’s guides, new journals, and a new grade level for transitional kindergarten. We’ve also added a new line of writing worksbooks for extra practice—plus, a revolutionary new way to teach handwriting in the digital age! Let’s take a look at how we’re revolutionizing handwriting instruction in your classroom:


New Student Editions and Teacher’s Guides

• Now includes multimedia options for each lesson

• New, more intuitive teaching guidelines and lesson plan design

• More writing activities!


Journals (grades K–5)

• Offers opportunity for developing independent writing skills

• Provides developmentally appropriate writing practice


New grade level: Kick Start Kindergarten for Transitional kindergarten

• Bridges Pre-K and kindergarten by introducing capitals and lowercase letter formation

• Provides developmentally appropriate activities, and fine motor skills development

• Gives differentiated instruction and cross-curricular activities


Even more writing practice…


Building Writers (Grades K–5)


Building Writers is a new line of student editions that offer extra practice for writing skill development and can be easily incorporated into a writing block as independent writing or as whole group practice to meet your students’ varying needs. Students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice three types of writing styles: narrative, information, and opinion.


• Structured practice to build core writing skills

• Developmental approach to writing 

• Offers customizable writing templates to fit with any topic

• Builds confident communicators and improves overall communication skills

• Eliminates the need for worksheets




HITT: The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool


We’ve completely reimagined handwriting instruction to align with evolving digital classroom trends. HITT is a one-stop, digital teaching platform for teaching handwriting. Manage all of your handwriting lessons plans while reducing prep time with ready-to-teach lessons right from electronic student editions. Need a more specific lesson? HITT is flexible, so you can adjust the ready-made presentations to fit your unique classroom needs.


Features of HITT include:

  • One stop shop teaching tool for any interactive whiteboard or projector 
  • Includes digital student editions and teacher’s guide
  • Multimedia options for teaching for each lesson: digital letter and number formations, teacher-favorite animations, music, instructional videos 
  • Access to fun cross-curricular connections, supplemental lessons, and downloads
  • Designed for no prep classroom instruction
  • User-friendly platform makes teaching easy
  • Engages different learning styles in the classroom


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