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How EdTech Is Bringing Learning to Life in the Classroom

March 15, 2019

by: Kathryn Fox

2 min


After spending a few days in sunny Florida at FETC, we left inspired not only by the weather, but by all the exciting edtech options that were discussed in sessions and by our conversations with energetic educators using technology in their classrooms around the country.

As edtech is increasingly integrated into K–5 classrooms with interactive whiteboards, online assessments, social media, personalized learning, and more, we’re excited about all the opportunities this presents to educators and students. From attending various sessions at FETC, we learned how educators are using technology to strengthen student success with audiovisual learning, bringing real-world experiences to the classroom with virtual reality, linking coding and literacy lessons to enhance overall literacy, and introducing personalized and adaptive learning to lessons.

But, as we explored countless edtech offerings and went to many sessions at FETC, we realized that although the benefits of adding edtech to the classroom are great, it’s still important that the technology introduced in K–5 classrooms is developmentally appropriate. At Learning Without Tears, we understand why children need developmentally appropriate instruction regardless of whether it’s traditional or technology instruction: it engages students and increases learning by reaching them at their greatest learning ability.

Handwriting Without Tears by Learning Without Tears introduced the Integrated Print and Digital Solution to bring handwriting instruction to life in the digital age with videos, animations, music, and multisensory lessons. And, at FETC, we exhibited Keyboarding Without Tears®, our award-winning keyboarding program that includes game-based, engaging, and cross-curricular keyboarding and digital citizenship lessons.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store as edtech evolves and we’re so glad we got to meet educators from around the country at FETC! If you didn’t catch us at FETC, learn more about the Integrated Print and Digital Solution and Keyboarding Without Tears here.

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