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How To Clean Your Learning Without Tears Manipulatives

September 29, 2020

by: Learning Without Tears

5 mins


With the massive changes our world has had to cope with over the past few months, we find it's very important to educate our customers on how to properly clean our products to keep everyone happy and healthy! All of our products can be easily cleaned with household materials, and in this post we'll provide a simple guide on how to sanitize some of our most loved products.

Cleaning Hands-On Materials

Wood Pieces

GSS2020 Wood pieces

To clean Wood Pieces, all you will need is a dry cloth and a diluted water mixture of mild soap and vinegar or an alternative non-toxic multipurpose cleaner. Simply spray the mixture on the Wood Pieces, and wipe it with the damp cloth. Allow them to dry completely, either out in the sun or inside. Be advised that too much exposure to sunlight may lead to fading in the wood’s color and potential cracking.

Mat for Wood Pieces and Mat Man Hands

Never soak or immerse these in water—just spray, wipe with a cloth and warm water, then air dry. These products are porous, so a soaking might cause them to swell and change shape.

Soft Items

Magic C Bunny

To clean soft items, like our Magic C Bunny, Squawker, and Tag Bags, which are not machine washable, simply spot clean with a wet cloth or handwash with mild soap and warm water.​​​​​​

Laminated Cards

It's important to never soak or immerse laminated cards, such as our Word Time Cards, Laminated Letter Cards, A-B-C Touch & Flip Cards, 1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards, and Line It Up. For these items, simply spray and wipe with a cloth and warm water, then air dry.


GSS2020 Roll A Dough


Just like our other laminated cards, never soak or immerse our Roll-A-Dough cards in water. Just spray, wipe with a cloth and warm water, then air dry.


Shelf life for Roll-A-Dough is limited and should be replaced periodically. Limit its use to no more than six months.

Classroom Setup

Pre-K classroom setup this year will be different from years prior. Teachers will need to have new procedures in place and establish more space between children than before. Here are a few tips to help you create a safe, germ-free classroom this year.

  1. Sanitation Station
    Set up an area and consistent routine for children to place items used during activities for sanitation before returning them for someone else to use (e.g., toys, manipulatives, books, etc.).
  2. My Tools
    Ensure that every child has their own tools to use during activities that will not be shared (e.g., scissors, crayons, glue, chalk, markers, etc.). Using pencil boxes, plastic zip storage bags, or pencil pouches, label each one for a child in your class. Add all necessary tools to the selected container for each child.

    These containers can be stored in a pouch on the back of their chairs, in their cubbies, on labeled hooks, or in a container you designate as “The Class Tool Box.” If you choose “The Class Tool Box” have children identify their names in print as you show each bag/ container with the name of the child facing the children.
  3. Spacing
    To establish spacing, use painters' tape or decorative duct tape to establish appropriate but FUN boundaries between children.
  4. Face Masks
    For many of your students, wearing a face mask may feel strange and uncomfortable. To assist kids with mask safety and comfort, review this resource: How to make face masks more comfortable for kids.

    One way to introduce mask wearing to your students is through our very own Mat Man! 
    Even Mat Man Wears a Mask

Additional Resources for COVID-19

It is important to keep your products clean to avoid any potential germs from spreading. Below you'll find some additional resources to help keep you and your students safe this school year. Be sure to reach out with any specific questions about your products!

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