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How to Celebrate National Letter Writing Day with Beginning Letter Learners

December 7, 2018

by: LWT staff

3 minutes

Happy National Letter Writing Day! Today is a great opportunity for educators to create innovative and exciting lesson plans for handwriting and literacy. But, what do you do if you teach a class of beginning letter learners who are still figuring out how to form their ABCs?

Even if your students are still learning to form letters, there are still ways to participate! Check out these tips on how to celebrate National Letter Writing Day with Pre-K and kindergarten students.

Have students write “a letter” to their families.
Start with a whole class review of letter formations using the Capital Letter Cards for Wood Pieces. Ask students to think about their favorite letter of the alphabet. Next, have children write their favorite letter on a piece of construction paper. Then, write a note to each student's family about how they wrote their favorite letter to celebrate National Letter Writing Day. Fold each piece of paper with a trifold crease, put them in an envelope, and send them home with each student.

Use multisensory materials to form letters.
Gather your students into a circle and give each student a flash card with a letter written on it. Tell each student to make sure that no one sees the letter they’ve been assigned. Pick a student and tell them to form the letter they were assigned using Roll-A-Dough Letters® or the Stamp and See Screen®. Have each student hold the letter up and read the letter to the class. 

A—Z for Mat Man and Me

Seamlessly bring the ABCs to life while building foundational literacy skills with our new letter book series. Each of our illustrated letter books introduces a letter of the alphabet and emphasizes their associated sound through captivating, visual stories. The engaging stories in each book capture children's imaginations and expose them to social-emotional skills and diverse cultures.

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Incorporate Mat Man® Activities!
Read one of the books from the Mat Man Book Set. Then, pick a topic related to one of the books and discuss with students. Have students draw and/or color pictures about your discussion to help students develop foundational literacy skills that they will use in elementary school and beyond. Be sure to focus on letter formation if children add letters or words to their pictures. 

Do you plan on celebrating National Letter Writing Day? Show us your National Letter Writing Day festivities on social media! Be sure to tag us in your posts.

Happy National Letter Writing Day from Learning Without Tears!

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