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Teaching Tips

Happy Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

July 10, 2019

by: LWT staff

2 minutes


Wait, what holiday are we celebrating? Yes, we know it sounds silly, but we’re celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day. So, what is Teddy Bear Picnic Day exactly? Teddy Bear Picnic Day is a special day that encourages children to have a picnic with one of the classic and most-beloved children’s toys: a teddy bear.

Whether your children bring their teddy bear, stuffed animal, baby doll, or action figure, Teddy Bear Picnic Day is a great way for children to practice some fun writing activities while they play with their favorite toys.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate:

Have children write a list of items they might need on a picnic: fruit, sandwiches, a basket, cutlery, cups, a blanket—as many picnic staples as they can think of! Then, have children help you gather the items before heading on a fun picnic.

Have you heard of Teddy Bear Toast? We sure have because this recipe is in one of our Building Writers student editions! By correctly sorting the steps for making Teddy Bear Toast, children learn to sequence directions. Check out even more fun writing activities that build core writing skills in our Building Writers student editions.

After a fun picnic with or without a teddy bear, have children write or type a sentence or paragraph about their picnic experience. They can make it as creative or silly as they want!

Even if the holiday we’re celebrating is silly, there is still an opportunity to practice writing skills and reinforce learning!

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