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Happy School Principals’ Day!

May 1, 2018

by: LWT staff

2 minutes

School Principals’ Day is a special time to celebrate, appreciate, and thank school principals for all their hard work leading school communities and creating an environment where young learners can grow and succeed in all classrooms and subjects.

Founded by Janet Dellaria of Trout Creek, Michigan, School Principals’ Day is celebrated on May 1 and was started as a special way to recognize all the dedicated leaders in schools from elementary to high school. At Learning Without Tears, we love celebrating and recognizing our partners in building confident communicators from Pre-K through fifth grade.

School principals have an immense responsibility of leading the school community, managing administrative tasks, communicating with families, planning academic calendars, and selecting the right curriculum to help both students and teachers reach goals, standards, and benchmarks. School principals work hard to cultivate productive educational environments, but also value the importance of fun, yet effective learning.  

To celebrate School Principals’ Day, we created a list of top five things a curriculum should be to help school principals as they make important decisions and select curriculum.

A curriculum that promotes student and teacher success is:

  • Research-based and proven
  • Simple, engaging, and multisensory to appeal to different learning styles and support active participation
  • Easy to teach and easy to learn
  • Developmentally appropriate to meet the needs of every learner
  • FUN, yet effective with cross-curricular connections

Happy School Principals’ Day from Learning Without Tears!

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