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Teaching Tips

Happy National Library Week

April 3, 2019

by: Kathryn Fox

2 min


There’s nothing quite like the grip of a good book—something that captures your attention and makes turning the pages almost effortless. In 1958, the American Library Association sponsored National Library Week to ignite interest and appreciation in reading, libraries, and everything that libraries have to offer. This week, we’re celebrating National Library Week from April 7–13 and are as excited for this special celebration as we are when reading a page-turner.

Check out our top three ways to celebrate National Library Week:

1. Pick up a Book

What better way to celebrate National Library Week than by picking up your favorite book or a new read? Plus, this holiday is even more reason to read to your students! For little learners, carve out some extra time in your day to read a classroom favorite from our Mat Man® Series! Or for the older grades, read a passage from a book with cross-curricular themes and have students write about the passage using handwriting or typing to practice handwriting and keyboarding. 

2. Build Stronger Literacy Connections

Did you know that reading and handwriting build strong literacy connections? Literacy is the overall ability to read and write, and our hands-on active writing activities are a great way to build strong literacy connections! In addition to our multisensory letter formation activities, our Building Writers student editions build strong literacy connections with cross-curricular independent writing activities across three different types of writing: narrative, information, and opinion/argument. Check out our Building Writers sample pages to learn more!

3. Head to a Library

Of course, heading to a library is one of our top ways to celebrate National Library Week! This holiday is all about celebrating the contributions and importance of libraries to communities and promoting library use and support. And, heading to a library to explore their celebratory activities during National Library Week is a perfect way to celebrate! Check your local library’s calendar for information on special events and story times.

Did you and your students have a blast celebrating National Library Week? Share with us on social to spread all the library, literacy, and handwriting fun!

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