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Teaching Tips

Happy Digital Citizenship Week

October 15, 2018

by: LWT staff

1 minute

Happy Digital Citizenship Week! We’re celebrating the importance of smart, safe, and responsible behavior in the digital world from October 15–19.

Each year, we celebrate digital citizenship in October as technology becomes more prevalent in the classroom. As the demands for students to be technologically fluent increase, students need to be equipped with the skills that will help them succeed with technology. Technology as a tool is immensely powerful, but students still need to be explicitly taught how to function in and navigate the digital world.

Aaaa ddddddd ffffffffff
I’m sure you remember typing random letters like that over and over again when you learned to type. Well, in 2018, students are digital natives, and they need better and more advanced typing and digital citizenship instruction. Students don’t innately know how to type efficiently, nor do they know about internet safety issues, such as whether they can share their personal information online.

Together, effective typing and digital citizenship instruction create comprehensive digital citizens who know how to type, format documents, use applications, and appropriately conduct themselves in cyberspace.

To celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, try our free Keyboarding Without Tears® demo to see how developmentally appropriate, child friendly, and fun typing instruction matched with innovative, cross-curricular, and interactive digital citizenships builds responsible digital citizens!

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